New Graduate looking to relocate-Help needed

  1. Hi,

    I am a new graduate (December 2011). I graduated with an Associate degree. I have been considering relocating to Michigan. I am looking at the Detroit metro/Ann Arbor area. I would like some recommendations and advice about getting a job.

    I would prefer to work in a hospital but if any one can help me with nursing homes that are hiring that will be great too.

    Also can you apply to nursing homes from out of state?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Please feel free to send me a private message if you like
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  3. by   libralilly
    I personally am not a nurse so I'm speaking only from my experience listening to my two RN girlfriends. According to both of them, unless you have connections, it is very hard to get a job in the Detroit area fresh out of nursing school. Since Ann Arbor surrounding area is more "country" you may have better luck? Anyhow, Both my BFF's are ASN graduates, one of 09', the other 2010'. They both had to volunteer in private practices and work for zero pay. The 09' graduate just got hired in to a REAL nursing position, the other is still volunteering to gain "experience". Basically, unless you already have a medical background (medical assistant, CNA, etc) or know somebody than you may find it very difficult here in Michigan (Metro Detroit) to get a job...anywhere, the hospitals being the hardest to get in to.

    Please remember, these are only two experiences, I can not speak for the rest. Nor do I know where they applied, how aggressive they were, etc. However, it is known that hospitals are not wanting to take on fresh out of school students. The economy is bad and because of that, the old nurses are not retiring, leaving limited openings for the new nurses- which seems are being filled by "knowing somebody". Also, it costs the hospitals a lot of precious money (said sarcastically) to train new nurses, so they're choosing already trained vs non-trained.

    Hopefully you can get it, or know somebody who will get you in. Are you close to your private physician? Could he possibly pull some strings for you? Better yet, maybe somebody who's actually gone though it will be on here to guide you. I'm currently trying to get in to a program and it's discouraging. What the heck, so you fight your a** off just to get into the program, work yourself to the bone during your schooling, only to be told that you can't get a job after you finally make it! So frustrating! Good luck to you.
  4. by   libralilly
    Here's a thread about a Michigan BSN graduate not being able to get work, hopefully it will be of use to you.