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Hi everyone I am a recent new graduate Registered Nurse with my BSN from Denver Colorado. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Michigan within the next month or so for his teaching job in... Read More

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    I am starting a nursing program in the fall, and I plan on moving back to Michigan once I finish. I am also worried about being able to find a position once I return to Michigan as well as it taking a long time getting my license, etc...
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    There are ads. I get a lot of calls. However, I am a senior nurse. Try teaching hospitals. They like new grads. Good luck in your move and search.
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    Home care and travel agencies want you to be experienced 1-2 years.
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    Which hospitals would be good for a new nurse?
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    The problem might just be that you do not have your license yet. Many hospitals will no longer interview you until you have it. You just have to wait.

    I moved here from Colorado to start nursing school....boy do I miss those mountains!
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    Doctor's Hospital in Pontiac and DMC are hiring new grads. You just may have to work midnight shifts ....I know several people that just graduated in May and are working there now as nurse techs until they pass their NCLEX. Many of the hospitals around SE Michigan have a hiring freeze or are not hiring new grads due to budget reasons. They prefer nurses with experience. Good luck in your job search and let us know how it worked out!
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    I live in Michigan and have applied everywhere with an RN license in hand. Hospitals are not hiring..........................
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    I have lived in Michigan all my life and have been a nurse since 1989. I have a BSN and have worked full time all of these years. I suffered some vehicle issues in June 2010 and was forced to quit my hospital job of 2 years.

    I have applied everywhere and NOTHING.... I have been in the hospital environment for 18 years and they are not hiring at all.................. Really sad and frustrating. Have had offers from many other states but not here. I have heard 5 years until recovery and I am starting to believe it.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them!!!!!!
    Other than moving out of state, I have no answers, thanks.

    Good luck to you all though!!!
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    Few of my fellow classmates got new grad hires in eastern side of the state. What I saw them do is aggressively calling HR, and submitting applications regardless what the posting stated. Many postings will put experience is required, but its worth a shot to submit. A good friend got hired in because she was agressive. Dont give up.

    One of the key is we cant be choosy unfortunately...for starters that is. Another key is in your resume. I have helped several friends with their resumes and when I reviewed it, there were errors and missing information that expresses that you WANT the job!
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    Hello there!!! I am a new grad and looking to move to the Detroit Area, I am currently applying for a few positions but have some questions. Can anyone tell me what the starting pay for BSN RN would be in that area? I really need to have some idea about this to start budgeting. Also what is the dress code at Henry Ford? Do nurses have to wear a certain color, does it depend on the floor, etc....? I am also bilingual, is there any difference in pay for being bilingual? I see some answers but are a few years old and I am hoping to get some updated information. Help please!!!!!!! thanks!
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    I have a question what would you have me to do? I got hired in DMC but got fired 4 weeks later, because my preceptor did not like me. She used the excuse that I was slow charting and passing my meds. I am scared to apply within DMC, because that will be held against me. I am also scared to put it on any of my applications to other hospitals, because it will look really bad on me. I don`t know what to do! Needs Help in Detroit, MI.

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