New Canadian grad looking to come to MI this summer

  1. 0 I am just wondering what the job situation for RNs is like in Michigan right now, particularly for new grads with less than a year's experience. I live in Ontario, graduated with a BScN last April, have been working as an RN at an acute and long term care maximum security psych hospital for 6 months now (although I worked as security/patient care for 2 yrs prior at this hospital). I also have my ACLS, NRP, and coronary care 1 certs (I would like to get out of psych). I recently passed the NCLEX and am waiting for the official results and my MI license from the board. I figure it will take a few months for my visascreen to come in. I am also considering applying for licensure in Arizona and New York as well to increase my chances of finding a job. Also, can anyone give me any advice about Detroit? Bad place to go for a young female living alone even if it's the only place I may get offered a job? Any info would be great! Thanks
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