Michigan State AO May 2013

  1. Is there anyone else here who will be attending MSU's Accelerated Second Degree BSN?

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  3. by   smithe2
    Me! I will be joining you and I can't wait. I am finishing up at Grand Valley this semester with a health and biology degree and then start right away in May. I was also accepted into Depaul University's Masters in nursing program but it is sooooo much money that I can't see it being worth it yet. Can't wait to meet everyone
  4. by   Liz9291
    That's exciting! I'm finishing my degree in Women's Studies and Spanish right now at Michigan, so I only have like a week and a half off between graduation and starting this program too. Will you be living in East Lansing or driving from the west side of the state? I'll be living near Grand Rapids and commuting every day, so it'd be nice to have someone to carpool with!
  5. by   smithe2
    O cool! I am signing for an apartment starting in August in East Lansing but for the summer my plan is to commute a bit from Grand Rapids/ crash at friends houses that live in East Lansing. I was even thinking of subleasing this summer but I don't want to pay double rent. Where near Grand Rapids are you commuting from and starting when?
  6. by   Liz9291
    Do you want to just email me? My email is elizabeth.r.kuiper@gmail. We can discuss more things then!