MI hospitals that don't hire LPNs? - page 2

I have heard that some michigan hospitals don't hire LPNs anymore.. anyone know which don't and which do? thanks.... Read More

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    Mercy Memorial in Monroe.

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    A lot of the Upper Peninsula hospitals don't hire LPN's for their med/surg floors, will hire them to work in their clinics though.
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    I don't know of any hospital in Northern MI hiring LPNs for the floor. There are some existing on the floor, but they are grandfathered in and will not be replaced with other LPNs if they leave or get their RN.

    Even the better LTCs are hiring more RNs (and only RNs at night) d/t the higher acuities, number of central lines in residents, etc.
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    Oakland Regional Hospital does hire LPN's. Good Luck.
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    Allegiance Health in Jackson stopped hiring LPNs, and they were mostly phased out in 2009. I really loved working with them too.

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