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MCC: Intro to nursin HHSC-1040

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    I was wondering if anyone from Macomb Community College has taken the new requirement (introduction to nursing) that could post what grade you received from this course. what did you think of the class. I took it and received a B-. It was harder than I expected. I think that the class was only helpful for the math portion for the hesi.

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    Hi I got an A minus in the class. For me what made it hard was that there were only 100 points for your total grade so the final brought me down. I was glad for the math portion because it did help me with the HESI math. There was a lot more to the class then I expected though. Are you applying in february for the program?-Stephanie
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    What classes have to be completed before taking the HESI?
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    I took it in the fall and got an A-. Thought it was pretty useless myself!
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    I had the class fall term 2011, I got an A, it was much harder than I had expected.
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    Hi I'm taking the class this fall -Martin
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    I took the class and I didn't expect it to be as difficult as it was I guess and I thought I was going to bomb it but I ended up with an A. The math portion really helped me as to know what was up in coming. I also think it opens some peoples eyes as to what they are getting in.