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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get nervous! Thanks to their recent... Read More

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    Tomorrow is ranking!
    So its game on for letters in the mail after tomorrow!

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    I am so nervous!! I applied last year but did not make the cut. I did make the alternate list but I never received a call for a spot.
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    It would be awesome to get them Friday so those that get in can find their ranking right away instead of waiting till Monday but I think Saturday is more likely.I will be waiting all day anyways, my mail always comes so late!
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    Sla1079 - What # alternate were you? Did you retake classes this time?'ll get in this year. Fingers crossed for ya
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    My mail comes at 10 am! So no waiting all day!
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    Hi rnstudenthpfl - I was #196. I did not retake any classes but my hesi score went up so hopefully that will get me in. Good luck to you as well!!
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    I am a 1999 MCC nursing school grad and am watching this site more than my daughter! She is applying with a Hesi of 89 and 4.0 GPA. Goog luck to everyone!
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    Does anyone know how many alternate letters that they send out and out of those how many usually get in?
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    I belive its up to the 200th person is considered an alternate.
    From there how many people actually get in from being an alternate depends on the year, from what i hear. Ive heard that generally the first few usually get in because people pick other programs, or dont attend the meeting or pay the $100. Then from there people get in depending on if people drop out or whatever.
    When i took intro to nursing, my prof said that year they flew through the alternate list, that like at least the first 20 got accepted.
    So the farther up on the list, the better...
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    feel like i'm gunna puke waiting for these a 93 on the hesi and a 3.7636 gpa which was lower than i wanted but we'll see. My best friend and I applied together, praying that we can start on this journey together. btw i work at a hospital and have quite a few co-workers who have gone through macomb's program and they all said talk to someone before you buy all the materials at once. There are some things you wont use till much later and some not at all. good luck everyone hoping that we will have a great class this year, I am super excited to meet some amazing, motivated people. Im sure we all have been through our share of struggles to get to this point today so no matter what happens.... be proud of how hard youve worked and keep moving forward!
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