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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get nervous! Thanks to their recent... Read More

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    I'm going crazy too, I'm so nervous, I told myself before I applied that it would be ok if I didn't get in this year and I would just retake another class for a better gpa, but I of course got my hopes up so I know I'll be sad if I don't make it :/

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    Do u think we will have letters that soon! I hope sooo but am scared. Do they only send acceptance letters? Or will it be acceptance and rejection letters? I am so scared to see any letter lol
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    They send out both at the same time and from what I remember from last year if you got in you do not see what you were ranked but if you do not make it in you get to see your rank. I had heard last year if you make it in you can call and they will tell you what you were ranked. Hope this helped a bit
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    rnstudenthpfl I couldn't agree with you more and I keep thinking what if I don't get it in. Everyone says its not the end of the world but it sure would be a hard letter to read fingers crossed thoughkc0320 That helped, except now I don't want to open any letter from macomb lol
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    rnstudenthpfl and su85 trust me it does feel like the end but only for a few days then you pick your self up and get a new plan and figure out a plan b and maybe a plan c and then you move on. it does suck but you guys will be great no matter what happens it all works out in the long run. i know i am going to be scared to open the letter too
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    As nerve racking as it may be, i know ill be tearing the letter open as soon as ive got it in my hands!!!

    I thinks letters will at latest be out by Monday. The sooner they arrive, the better!!!!
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    I got my acceptance for the Respiratory Therapy program on Saturday so I am hoping for Saturday. I don't know if that is just wishful thinking or not but I am with you that the sooner they get here the better.
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    I suddenly have a bit of hope since I found out only 245 were ranked this year. Before hearing this number, I was confident that I would never get into the program. I feel a bit optimistic and my nerves are killing me - I just want to know !!!!!!!!

    Applied with a 3.6802 gpa and 87 on hesi
    Good luck to us all :-)
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    More relieved?!?!? Im freaking out even more!!!
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    I'm glad I've been so busy with classes, it's keeping my mind off the days. But I can't wait for a letter. My husband is on mailbox duty while I'm at work.
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