Macomb Community College Scrubs for sale

  1. I will be graduating this May 2011 and selling my 2 sets of scrubs and lab coat (cheap!) if anybody is interested.
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  3. by   LauJen
    They changed our uniforms this year, we wear a completely different company/style.
  4. by   gregsbouch0816
    Thanks LauJen, for reminding me of this. They did the switch after our August start group --my entire class still wears Dove scrubs.

    According to the assistant Dean and nursing lab staff, free used Dove uniforms will be available for students in need. Yes the Dove scrubs are still OK to wear. The other brand of scrubs, which they have recently switched over to, are for sale in the Macomb Bookstore.

    I will be dropping my scrubs off with lab staff after graduation, so that they are available to students in need.
  5. by   LauJen
    That's nice of you...I bought the ones from the bookstore and hate them, and our instructor said we could buy another I did, and they won't take back the other scrubs at the bookstore, even though they still have tags and havent been worn, just because I dont have my receipt. SOO, I'm donating those two pairs of scrubs since I can't do anything else with them!

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