LPN Programs in Southeast Mi

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    Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone in here knows of any LPN programs in Southeast MI that does not have a wait list. I did look into Schoolcraft College but their waitlist is 5 years long for both LPN and RN programs. If anyone else knows of any other programs that does NOT have a wait list please let me know


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    OCC LPN program has no waitlist. Bring your 6 pre-reqs with GPA above 3.7xx for next admission pool cycle. Because last year was 3.6xx

    I heard everest has lpn too, but way too expensive!
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    DBI (Detroit Business Institute) just started an LPN program. They are located down river in Riverview MI. You can also check on the State of Michigan Approved nursing programs they have all the LPN programs in Michigan http://www.michigan.gov/documents/md...og_98366_7.pdf
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    Hello! Monroe County CC has an LPN program, so does Schoolcraft but I think they have a long wait. Also there's the Riverview Institute LPN program through Oakland U.... Good luck!

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