IV Certification / training - specifically West Michigan

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    Hi -

    I'm an RN with limited experience in administering IV fluids. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could gain experience with IV's and somehow become comfortable with them? I don't work in a hospital so I have minimal resources there. I always hear about IV certification classes but my google searches lead me to no credible links.

    Any advice or information would be most helpful!
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    Any nurse I know learns while on the job. Some get sent to the ED for a day or two to learn. I am an ED nurse and I didn't need previous experience. It's an art that you perfect over time. A lot of floor nurses have I.V. teams that start I.V.s for them. I don't think it would be a class that would be worth paying for, but maybe you could ask an experienced nurse to walk you threw it for free.
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    Look up Washtenaw Community College LifeLong Learning. They offer a noncredit IV therapy class, but I'm not sure it its as in depth as what you're looking for.