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Have any of you looked into their ADN program? It is new in Michigan this year; however, Indiana just had their first graduates, or are getting close to graduation. I took the HESI at ITT Tech in July. I'm on pins and needles... Read More

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    the school is still not accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE the only two accreditations that count. if i were you i would look on the hospital web sites under their job listings. everyone of them says graduate of an accredited school of nursing. Nursing homes and home health all require 2 yrs exp now in an acute care setting. So i would ask myself where am I going to get a job if my school is not accredited? Just because you pass the NCLEX doesnt mean you can get a job.
    I dont know where all these jobs are coming from but as a new graduate from an accredited school its taken me 4 months to get a job. the demand in this state is for nurses with 1 to 3 years of experience.
    have ITT show you the list of students who have graduated and have jobs from their program. they have job placement assistance so they shouldn't have a problem showing you the list

    I believe everyone who truly wants to become a nurse is a good person. good people shouldnt be talked out of large sums of money by a school who has the worst reputation in all of organized education.
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    To all ITT students, or those thinking of applying I wanted to wish you all the best of luck! I finished my last class in late August, and have already found a job, as well as in talks with the magnet hospital of my state where I completed my externship. It can be done! It is not easy, as no program is. Also, ITT has it pros and cons. In my particular situation it worked well for me. When I started the program I had 3 sons, during my second year found out I was pregnant. I refused to let my blessing be a hinderance. I had my fourth child on a Friday and was in clinicals the next week.

    My instructors were amazing and worked with me, needless to say everyone was surprised that I did it. I finished with a 3.77 gpa. People will try to doubt you or put you down from going after what you may want to do.

    At the end of the day ITT worked with me because of the schedules and no waiting list at my particular campus.

    Again good luck to all, and remember that if you do decide to enroll in this program there is no room to slack off, its too costly to do so. Also, an 80% minimum is needed in each course to pass.
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    @ TiffanyNurse2b (who is now a RN) thanks for the encouraging words. I just started at the Canton campus and I am going into my third week I love it so far!!!
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    It will pass so quickly RN-Indya! Just stay prepared and you will be fine. I am still Nurse2Be, as I dont take boards until about 2 weeks. Once you start clinicals the semesters pass so quickly

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