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Hello everyone, I plan to apply for the winter 2018 class and just wanted to start a thread for all the ones who will be applying also. I am very nervous as I don't think I have enough points! ... Read More

  1. by   NrseJen
    I thought it was overwhelming. I missed most of it because I couldn't hear her. What did she say about the books?

    Just an FYI: the prices for Concentra are wrong. I would call to get accurate information. Also, it's cheaper to go through request a test than Concentra for titers. Just search it. You can pull it up. Some places will give free flu shots. I haven't found anywhere, yet. If I do, I'll post it. My new job hasn't offered me one. I guess I'm paying for it.
  2. by   NrseJen
  3. by   Hannah1999
    Hi everyone, I agree, it was overwhelming! actually, it scared me of the journey a bit.

    as for the books, she said that we have to purchase the e-book and she mentioned 3 hard copy books as well from the book store.

    if you have insurance, just ask your doctor to order the titers for you, it should be covered under your insurance as well as the TB test and your flu vaccine too.

    did any one receive any emails for the acemmaps yet?
  4. by   NrseJen
    I don't have insurance. I just started a new job. I thought they said the email would be sent in November. Why were you scared?
  5. by   Hannah1999
    I understand that they have to make students get serious and not to take it lightly, but I felt that it will be so hard. But my good friend told me that nothing good in life is easy!

    we can do it all together

    so they will send the email to us after they get the results of the back ground check and the drug screening?

    is acemapps is where we would submit all the paper work? like physical form, BLS? did she say we need to order the uniforms now, or when?
  6. by   NrseJen
    I'm not sure. I thought it was after registration. It should be difficult. People put their lives in our hands. It isn't easy. It is worth it. You did all of the work to get here. You earned your spot. You can do it. You won't be alone.

    Acemapps is where we upload our documents. However, you do have to hand the green sheets into the nursing school. I was able to find my tdap and hep b vaccination records. My job did my tb and is offering flu shots next week. I found short term insurance. It might be best to get your titers before your physical because the dr has to input the dates. Uniform dates are on that sheet. You have to have them ordered by the 15th of November.

    Just remember, this is a process. It's a mind, body, and soul challenge. You will grow. Growth is uncomfortable. It is necessary. You should be super proud of your accomplishments. Don't let fear stop you.
  7. by   Hannah1999
    Thanks NrseJen, and I agree with what you said

    I had my titers done and actually had my physical done early this year in April. So, I will give my form to my doctor's office to complete it and see if I require any shots based on the titers levels!

    I did the drug screen Friday and took the flu shot at work as well.

    I will be taking the BLS next week. I sill need to get the stethoscope and order the uniforms and shoes.

    how is everyone doing so far?
  8. by   NrseJen
    I should have a repeat physical. I had one a few months ago before my surgery. That was before. I think I should redo it to be safe.

    You are getting a lot done! I have to wait until next check. I literally just went back to work after surgery. I started 2 weeks ago. I am trying to catch up. I just want it all done. I'm ready to start. It has been a long road getting here.
  9. by   Hannah1999
    I hope you are feeling better after your surgery now, but I thought they said that as long as you had the physical within the last year, you should be good with it!

    my work does require me to have the BLS and the flu shot as well as the TB screen annually and that's honestly why I have these going. I still have to wait for next check as well to order the uniforms, shoes, and stethoscope. LOL.

    how about we make a check list of what we have to get done here to help each other to stay on track with the calendar.

    TB screen
    Flu shot
    Drug screen
    Order Uniforms + shoes
    Register for sections

    am I missing anything?
  10. by   Ma2nr
    Stethoscope? oops that's the only thing I didn't get! I think I forgot lol
  11. by   NrseJen
    I was thinking of getting a new one. My mom gave me hers, but it smells like cigarette smoke.
  12. by   Ma2nr
    I would get a new one lol
  13. by   NrseJen
    Do we need the BLS by November 10th or December 1?

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