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Hi All, I am new to this site, just got my nursing invite for the fall semester. I have been on the waitlist since Jun 23 08. Reading all these forums on HFCC is making me kind of nervous I have... Read More

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    Which program are you currently in? I have heard that the accelerated program is hectic! I am more so interested in the night/weekend program mainly because I am working right now. I definitely don't want to quit since I already work for a hospital and I know the more seniority the easier it would be for me to find a job later since I would find one within my system. I am sorry if I am asking too many questions its just I'm glad to find someone I can ask all my my questions too How long did you have to wait to start?

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    I was put on the list dec 07 started winter 09 I got my letter 10 months after getting on the list. my class joined the one that started over the summer so I had my summer off last year, but will be done in august this year.
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    I guess 10 months isnt THAT bad. Especially not when I have been hearing some people have waited 22-26 months to get into the program. Although I would really prefer to go to the program there I am also going to take the classes needed to get on other wait lists as well. I'm just going to pray that I get in sooner than expected!

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