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  1. 0 Hello all,

    I was wondering if you have to have 20/20 vision to be accepted in to the hfcc nursing program?
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    I can't speak for the program requirements (I don't attend HFCC), but I know several people currently in HFCC's nursing program with glasses, so if it is a requirement that you have 20/20 vision, there might be a way around it?
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    I attend HFCC. You do not need 20/20 vision. I don't know what the cutoff is, but you need to pass a physical before attending. They'll test colorblindness, range (blinking lights on each side) and then you'll read a wall chart from a distance. I didn't get any 100% perfect and I'm still here. I did my physical at Midwest.
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    Thanks alot for your replies