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Hello all! I just turned in my application today and was wondering if anyone has heard what the exact cut off point was for the point system for last years applicants. I've heard rumors of 153 and 155. If anyone has heard... Read More

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    Thanks! I will keep you posted on how things go. If you want you can always friend me on facebook. Jesecca Torossian. I just found out that they are changing the way they do the point distribution for next year. They use to just use your science GPA but now they are using your pre-req GPA and still giving more points for science. Whereas this year they just used your science GPA. So they points they used for me will be different then the point system for when you apply.
    I did not apply before, this was my first year applying to the program. The healthcare was not a requirement, however you received 5 points for working 6 months or more in healthcare. I also know that you get 5 points for taking nursing 110. And if you pass all the sections of the TEAS test its worth 20 points. They also give you 1 point for every credit hour of your pre-reqs you take at eastern. I retook some of my pre-reqs so that I would have extra points since I was a transfer student. Anything else you would like to know just ask.
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    Is Oakland University local enough? They admit in Fall and Winter.
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    hey jesecca its rebeca from nursing 110. I also got into the program and was wondering if you knew what equipment we exactly need.
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    Wow according to the 2013 cutoff "158" I barely got in. I had 161 points= 125 GPA + 5 Nursing 110 + 11 EMU credit hours+ 20 TEAS
    Even with straight A' if I would have failed one subject on the TEAS or not have taken Nursing 110 I would have been rejected. I was pretty confident when I applied, but if I knew how close I was I would have been pretty nervous waiting for the letter. Good luck to all who got in and hopefully will see those on the waiting list as well in the fall. Best wishes!
    PS: The 5 easiest points you can get is taking nursing 110. Y
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    Did you evet find out the equipment list?
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    Can anyone shed some light onto where clinicals might be, and if we will get to take an "elective"? Also, their new admissions system is posted in the Undergrad catalog.
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    I reviewed the new admission points system and I was wondering if anyone who got in would be willing (if they have the time!) to share what their points equate to with the new system. I am considering taking nursing 110 and re-applying.
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    I've started a new thread for this years applicants. Come join me!

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