Eastern Michigan University Traditional (BSN) Nursing Program Fall 2013 - page 6

Hello all! I just turned in my application today and was wondering if anyone has heard what the exact cut off point was for the point system for last years applicants. I've heard rumors of 153... Read More

  1. by   Technicolourhobo
    Can anyone shed some light onto where clinicals might be, and if we will get to take an "elective"? Also, their new admissions system is posted in the Undergrad catalog.
  2. by   tmccormi25
    I reviewed the new admission points system and I was wondering if anyone who got in would be willing (if they have the time!) to share what their points equate to with the new system. I am considering taking nursing 110 and re-applying.
  3. by   Technicolourhobo
    I've started a new thread for this years applicants. Come join me!