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Anyone apply to the traditional nursing program for the fall? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   mohi

    I am still waiting for my letter. I am happy to see your post. Good Luck !

  2. by   mohi
    Hi Kristina,

    Congratulations ! I applied to both 2nd degree and traditional program but didn't get in the program. What was your total points ? I have 145. I was so stressed now. I called nursing department but they said I should try next year. please can you let me know your total marks ? Thanks.

  3. by   mohi
    Hi Britt,

    Can you tell your total points ? I just want to see where I am and why I didn't get into the program. Thanks

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  4. by   Britt2008
    Hi Mohi,

    I'm not sure where to find out how many points I have. I also applied to the program last year and did not get in. I was able to set up an appointment with someone from nursing and I was told what I needed to do this time around. Last year I scored 15/20 on the TEAS, my gpa was aprox. 3.8-3.9, no healthcare experience, and not all of my classes were taken at EMU. I was told that I had a total of 146 points last year. This time around I retook the TEAS and scored 20/20 and I also started a new job and got 5 points for healthcare this time. So with 10 extra points I would assume that this time around I have a total of 156 points. I'm not completely sure on that because I havent actually checked, but I do know that I have 10 points extra this time around. I just know this time around it was enough to get me into the program.
  5. by   mohi
    Hi Britt,