Eastern Michigan University (EMU) tradional nursing program

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    Hello does anybody know if it is a very hard program to get into? I am planning on applying in May and I currently have a 3.75gpa but I should be higher after this semester is over. Also I know that Eastern does give points for taking courses at Eastern. I am a transfer student so some of my course were taken at my other college. Will that really lesson my changes a whole lot of getting in?

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    I believe it is. I'm a recent graduate and although I applied a little over three years ago, I'm sure it gets harder and more competitive every year. I'm not sure if acceptance is based on the same criteria, but at the time they only looked at pre-req courses required to get it and your GPA for those courses ONLY. They accepted the highest 80 GPAs based on those courses. The first time I applied, I didn't get in. My GPA for the pre-req courses was a 3.6... the bio chem and micro kept me from getting higher (they were soooooooooooooo hard)... anyway, I retook a few courses to replace Bs with As and was able to get into the program the following year. So the closer you are to getting straight As in all the core pre-reqs... the greater your chances are. UNLESS, they changed this?!?

    Hope this helped!

    Best of luck!!!!

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    Okay thanks that helped a lot. do you think it matters if some of your courses are A-?
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    Yes. You're given so many points for an A or A-... and it depends on how many credits per grade (was it a 3 or 4 credit course). Here's a website with a GPA calculator and you can tally up your GPA with those core classes.
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    oops... forgot to add the website...

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    Oh, but I would check with the nursing department. Lori used to be the secretary, but I can't remember if it's someone else now and make sure there aren't other requirements.
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    Okay thanks I'll check that out.
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    Hi Britt2008,
    I was reading your post, so did you end up applying for the traditional BSN program at EMU? I ended up applying to Eastern and got my application in by the deadline. I have a friend in the accelerated program and will be done in spring of 2011. She likes it so far, but it just keeps her very busy. I think she found out by the end of June last year that she got in for fall of 2009, so hopefully we will hear by the end of june too. Good luck to you!
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    Hello MelBell2005,

    Yes, I did end up applying to the program. I hope to hear back from them sooner than that. haha I'm just so anxious to see if I got in or not. How did you do on the TEAS exam and also what is your gpa if you don't mind me asking.
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    I applied too. Does anyone know if they will send you letter either way? I applied with a 4.0 but I didn't take any classes at EMU and have no previous healthcare experience. I'm worried I won't get in. Please post when you hear something and I will do the same. Good luck to you all.

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