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Hello does anybody know if it is a very hard program to get into? I am planning on applying in May and I currently have a 3.75gpa but I should be higher after this semester is over. Also I know that Eastern does give points for... Read More

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    how do you provide proof of healthcare experience?
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    I think you had to provide a statement of working at ABC Nursing Home or whatever. Had to be on their letterhead. Things change so I would make an appointment with an adviser to see what is current. I know they are always evaluating the programs and admission process and I'm sure the website is most current.
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    like a check?

    does it matter how long ago it has been?
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    Has anyone turned in their application for the Fall 2012 Nursing School Traditional Program yet? I did and waiting for that letter in June!!
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    Yes, I applied for the fall traditional program. I'm going crazy and running to the mailbox everyday. I called the nursing department today and was told that the decision letters have begun going out and I should hear something by the first week in July. My fingers, toes and anything else I can cross are crossed!!!
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a transfer student from WCC to eastern (starting this fall) I've taken a lot of the program pre-recs at WCC but I'm retaking all but A&P and English over the course of this year. I'm transferring with a 3.6 GPA with 2 years of healthcare work under my belt. I'm super worried about the point system and I know EMU favors their students. Do you think I'll have a decent chance of getting in!?! I'm so worried!! THanks for any help and advice!