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Hello everyone! I'm new on here and am hoping to get some help on deciding on an LPN school to go to... Does anyone have any experience with Dorsey's LPN program or any of their other medical programs for that matter? I can't... Read More

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    I don't know the exact address but the one that offers the LPN program is located in Madison Heights, MI

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    Hey every one just finished my first 6 wk module. And its no joke! Study study study...... I went part time and I still need more time. I like Dorsey though...
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    Congrats, I'm so envious. Keep up the good work.
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    What do u need to get in besides take the test. Was it hard?
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    Call to dorsey and get your name on the list. They're having a info seminar in October
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    Is the TEAS test like the HESI?
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    do their classes transfer if you want to get RN?
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    anyone trying to get accepted here?
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    Yes I go to Everest as a LPN student when I get done I will go on to The Bridge Program which is for LPNs only
    Quote from EmilyEmily
    do their classes transfer if you want to get RN?
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    I'm not sure for Dorsey but for my LPN school it was HESI
    Quote from Llstewart
    Is the TEAS test like the HESI?

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