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Dorsey PN program Madison Hts campus

  1. 1 Hello to all. I've been trying to get info about Dorsey's PN program, but have been unsuccessful. Whenever I call the school I get the same reply "we don't know anything yet". I'm on a waitlist just to get info. Im try to make over the top expensive Everest and moving/driving to Ohio 4-5 days a week my last resorts. It would be great to get any info that would be helpful. Thank-you.
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    The next class starts in Jan 2013. They should be calling people back now. Have you received a call back yet? If not call back and make sure your name is on the waiting list
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    Yes I went to the orientation. And unfortunately the class is starting a lot sooner than I expected. I was told by one the counslers in the summer that the January classes were filled. Keep in touch. Let me know if u get in.