Current OCC ADN Students - anyone take pharm online?

  1. Did any current OCC ADN students take pharmacology online? Would you recommend online vs. traditional? I just received my acceptance letter for this fall (yahoo!) and need to decide soon about pharmacology. I have taken online courses before and I'm self-motivated and able to stay on track, but am hoping to hear from anyone who took 1290 online themselves before I go ahead and sign up for it.

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  3. by   777RN
    Hi brodygirl!

    I took pharmacology online; however, it would be difficult to recommend one delivery format over another because I think it boils down to individual preference.

    As for me, I'd take all the nursing theory courses online if I could because I prefer online classes over driving an hour each way (and the associated gas expense), parking, making childcare arrangements, etc.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed the online pharmacology class and felt it gave me a good, basic understanding of pharmacology from a nursing point of view.

    By the way, congrats on receiving your acceptance letter! I stood in your shoes at this time last year. Feels great, doesn't it? Brace yourself for a lot of work!

  4. by   brodygirl
    Thank you Wendyyvonne for your reply. Yes, I am thrilled and scared, an appropriate response, I think!