Chance of getting accepted at Wayne State university accelerated bsn program

  1. Hi guys!
    I'm new to this site and I'm considering to apply to the bsn nursing programs at Wayne State. Here's my situation: I'm currently entering my fourth year in a BSc biology honours program and my gpa is that high as I expected (it's hanging at a 2.9 and I'm trying really hard to raise it. After volunteering in the hospital, I decided that I want to begin a career in nursing (which beats working in a lab at least for me and made me question why am I doing a degree in something I dont even enjoy and is super stressful). I've emailed some schools and they said that the minimum was 3.0 and that just kinda brought my hopes down. I really want to get accepted for fall 2012, if not in Wayne State then any school in Michigan or New York State will also be ok. I'm currently attending school in Toronto. I was just wondering what my chances of getting acceptance, I still have one more year to go!
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  3. by   IndyElmer
    I can't comment on the specific programs you mentioned, but the programs with which I am most familiar typically have a "minimum GPA" of 2.7 to APPLY but often have a "lowest--average-GPA-accepted-into-the-program" of 3.8 or 3.9

    I think you'd have to talk to each program specifically to find out how likely they are to accept a lower GPA. Some schools give a lot of weight to interviews, essays and even entrance exams.
  4. by   Alibrahimi
    Nursing programs here are very competitive, so even if you meet the minimum requirement there will be many applicants. You will have to go thru the selection process. The good news though:

    Your gpa may be irrelevant as not all courses will be transffered or taken in the gpa count. So first thing is to get details on the entrance process and required prereqs for the wayne program.
  5. by   nrsstudent2010
    I know a lot of schools want a 3.0 or a 3.2 just to be apply to apply to the program, some a 2.7. But a lot of schools do GPA, goal statement, interview etc. when taking into account applicants rather than programs that look at only gpa. I would do research and know which schools do what. I go to Oakland University, they require a 3.2, but only in the 5 classes needed as pre-reqs for the program, so most of your undergrad grades don't even count.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Nplusj
    You can still get admitted to wayne state regardless of your overall gpa. I was just admitted to the cd2 for this fall 2011 with a 2.9 overall gpa in biological sciences. Mind you that I got my degree from there and my pre-req gpa was 3.8 with all of those classes done at wayne state as well with no repeats. So if you are going to apply there make sure you take your pre-reqs there with no repeats.
  7. by   megdalin
    I was admitted to the CD2 program at Wayne State for Fall 2011 and I was turned down by every other program I applied to (Michigan State, UDM, NCMC, Eastern). My Overall GPA was a 3.0 in a completely unrelated degree (dual degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology). However my prerequisite GPA was a 3.8 with no repeats - but I did not take any of the courses at Wayne. With my application I submitted (though it was not required) a copy of my resume and an essay. Wayne State does an interview process and I was sure that if I could just get a chance to speak with them in person, I could prove that I would be successful in the program.

    I can say that I couldn't be happier that it is Wayne I am going to. The fact that they take the time to conduct interviews, and not just base everything off of paper, shows how concerned they are with getting the best possible candidates for their program. Too many schools base their admissions solely on what someone looks like on paper - which is, in my opinion, lazy and irresponsible for a nursing program.

    I was like you in that I was applying to several schools. The process was overwhelming - trying to figure out which courses you needed where and which were worth investing in. But stay with it. Good luck to you!
  8. by   labwork
    Hi Megdalin! I couldn't agree more with you regarding the need for an interview process. How are you liking the program?