Baker College Nursing Fall 2010

  1. Is anyone else waiting impatiently to hear if they got in?!
    I don't think I can wait another month in a half, especially with all the rumors swirling!
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  3. by   LauJen
    I re-applied there (24.27) before I found out that I made it into Macomb.... so technically I'm still waiting on my Baker letter, but I won't be attending there even if I do make it. What rumors are you talking about though?
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  4. by   bella8
    Hey LauJen!

    That's great you made it into Macomb I have a good friend that just made it in their program for August as well!

    I'm applying first time at Baker with a 24 ranking (worked my butt off for that!)

    Baker and rumors go hand in hand especially in such a competative program!
    Off the top of my head, I have heard that everyone including re-applicants are cut off at 24 pts, and then I have also heard re-applicants can get over 24 points as well..I didn't know who to believe so I emailed the director of nursing to find out for sure, for my own piece of mind that is
    I have also heard that the cut off for spring was 23.7. But, I don't think the nursing office releases that information, so I don't know how anyone would know that for sure. I do know that it's freaking me out though! haha
  5. by   LauJen
    Well, it is true that you can have a score of over 24 (I do, with the 24.27), because you get the extra point when you re-apply. The cut off for the spring was in fact a 23.75, which is pretty ridiculously high, and that's never happened there before. But you should be sitting in a perfect position to get in the first time around with a 24. That's very uncommon and you should be very proud of yourself! They also accepted a ton of re-applicants this last time, and that's why the points were so high. Basically the only way YOU wouldn't get in this time around would be if there were literally 40 re-applicants with scores higher than a 24, which is NOT going to happen (they took in 23 last time I believe). A 24 for a first applicant is also very rare, so you wont have much competition when it comes to other first apps. You're in a verrrrry good place, so I would relax and enjoy your summer!
  6. by   bella8
    How did you find out about the cut off? Did the nursing office just tell you? I want to know how to get the inside information too! haha!

    Thanks so much, you literally just made my day!
    I have been fighting tooth and nail through every single one of my prereqs., and when I heard about the high cut off I wanted to pull my hair out! I'm still nervous, but I feel a little better.
  7. by   LauJen
    The nursing secretary/office staff (not allowed to put names on here) that is the first person you speak with when you call told me that info. She's very honest if you talk to her calmly and like a normal person.... I was very sad that I didn't make it in on the first try, because the last cutoff was a 23.2, so I thought I was barely squeaking by with a 23.27, and thought it would be okay....but it wasn't okay at all. I guess it was a blessing in disguise though, because I would rather be at MCC, and would have started at Baker in the Spring before I found out about MCC for the fall. So, I'm going with the whole "everything happens for a reason" thing. But bottom line, you should basically assume you're in, and make friends with the office secretary/person you turn your application into/person you talk to when you call the office (all the same person).... she's so nice.
  8. by   bella8
    I totally agree with everything happens for a reason, I mean that high of a cut off has never happened before so there's evidence right there; especially if MCC is where you really wanted to be!
    I originally was going for their program a few years ago, but I couldn't last more than a semester, I just didn't like it there.
    Do you know what you want your specialty to be?

    Oh I think I know who you're talking about! The adminastative secretary? She is incredibably nice, we have had a couple good talks when I applied for my NET and turned in my application. I don't think people talk to her like a normal person, since they assume she's in a position of power, but she's really not. I didn't think she was allowed to give out any information, so I never asked! Not too smart, since it never hurts to ask, right? This anticipation is killing me more than anything, I don't know why it takes them two months to give us a response!
  9. by   LauJen
    I'm not IN LOVE with MCC, and I really did like the quarters instead of semesters at Baker for other classes, but when it came down to it, Baker's classes rarely transfer (out of all 13 classes I took there, 4 transfer into my University of Detroit RN-BSN program) and they're not accredited with the NLN, so I quit going and MCC is obviously the smarter option. I can't justify the amount of money that Baker charges, to the fact that no one wants their credits, and out of state boards don't readily accept licenses acquired through them. As far as my specialty, I would love Labor & Delivery, but I know that they don't usually accept new grads, and that positions rarely come available... Rather than my specialty, I know that I want to work at St. John's Mack/Moross, since I had my daughter there and think that that hospital really is a good place to be, not to mention its around the block from me... so... more so I would rather be there to begin with than in my specific field, since I don't think it's an option straight out of school! You?
  10. by   bella8
    Yeah that is true, they're only accredited by Michigan not nationally, I wish they would just hire the teachers and get accredited by the NLN if that really is the only thing holding them back, but I figured I'm probably never leaving Michigan so I should be alright...hopefully!

    My mom is Labor and Delivery RN she works at Beaumont Grosse Pointe which is really close, i think!

    Well when i started college I was a psych major, the only reason I switched is because I must of hit an academic advisor on a bad day..they basically told me good luck finding a job with a psych degree in this economy, so I researched and switched my major the next week. Long story short, I wanted to stay in that field, so I hope to be a psychiatric nurse, which I have heard from many people is in high demand so I'm hoping they're right!
  11. by   LauJen
    Well, they kind of were right, because this economy or not, you can't do much with just a BSN in psych... you HAVE to have your masters from my understanding. But I think you made a good decision going with the nursing!

    Beaumont GP is literally 2 streets away... I could throw a baseball at it. I'm glad they switched over from Bon Secours... it seems like it's cleaned up a bit and they're doing more within the hospital... but that has to be a slow job for your mom on the L&D floor! I know most of the OB's in the area exclusively deliver at St. John's.... how many births do they have a week?
  12. by   bella8
    When I was researching a new major I looked into getting a masters in psych too, but all the programs were outrageously competative and a majority were bachelors to doctorate with no choice to stop at masters, which i thought was strange. I remember asking Wayne State their info, they sent me their stats and it was something outrageous like 180+ apply and 9 get in with an average of 2 graduating..after that I definitely knew I was going to go with nursing.

    My mom hated when they switched from Bon Secours, I don't really know why though hmmmm...
    She does nursing for pretty much everything on that floor, including L&D, nursery (her fav), and peds but she works midnights so it's probably slow for her no matter what haha
    I don't know how many they deliever a week, but i have heard her say anywhere from 4 (on a really slow day) to 9+ when she calls to check before going in
    They do have this amazing OB at Beaumont that I love, she called me up out of the blue when I decided to switch my major..apparently my mom gave her my number and told her to call me and talk me out of it because of all the wasted money on classes, but she ended up siding with me and offered to write me a letter of recommendation. My mom needed someone to talk her off the ledge after that one haha!
  13. by   blue_eyed_mommy
    I am also applying for the Fall quarter but I am not taking the kaplan until tomorrow! How did you think that it was? Also are you applying to Baker-Flint? Do you find out your points after the test or did you have to figure it out on your own?
  14. by   bella8
    Hey blue_eyed_mommy!

    I have actually never taken the kaplan, so you're going to have to let me know how it is!
    I'm at Baker Clinton Twp. I took the NET back in April which wasn't horrible, but it wasn't easy either..sorry that's not much help, but it really is the truth! It's just so nerve racking either way!
    Our campus is switching over to the kaplan in the fall though, but I really hope I won't need to take it! I'm not very good at standardized tests. I mean, I worked my butt off for a perfect rank, I think I deserve a spot! *fingers crossed*

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