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Is anyone else waiting impatiently to hear if they got in?! I don't think I can wait another month in a half, especially with all the rumors swirling!... Read More

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    When I was researching a new major I looked into getting a masters in psych too, but all the programs were outrageously competative and a majority were bachelors to doctorate with no choice to stop at masters, which i thought was strange. I remember asking Wayne State their info, they sent me their stats and it was something outrageous like 180+ apply and 9 get in with an average of 2 graduating..after that I definitely knew I was going to go with nursing.

    My mom hated when they switched from Bon Secours, I don't really know why though hmmmm...
    She does nursing for pretty much everything on that floor, including L&D, nursery (her fav), and peds but she works midnights so it's probably slow for her no matter what haha
    I don't know how many they deliever a week, but i have heard her say anywhere from 4 (on a really slow day) to 9+ when she calls to check before going in
    They do have this amazing OB at Beaumont that I love, she called me up out of the blue when I decided to switch my major..apparently my mom gave her my number and told her to call me and talk me out of it because of all the wasted money on classes, but she ended up siding with me and offered to write me a letter of recommendation. My mom needed someone to talk her off the ledge after that one haha!

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    I am also applying for the Fall quarter but I am not taking the kaplan until tomorrow! How did you think that it was? Also are you applying to Baker-Flint? Do you find out your points after the test or did you have to figure it out on your own?
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    Hey blue_eyed_mommy!

    I have actually never taken the kaplan, so you're going to have to let me know how it is!
    I'm at Baker Clinton Twp. I took the NET back in April which wasn't horrible, but it wasn't easy either..sorry that's not much help, but it really is the truth! It's just so nerve racking either way!
    Our campus is switching over to the kaplan in the fall though, but I really hope I won't need to take it! I'm not very good at standardized tests. I mean, I worked my butt off for a perfect rank, I think I deserve a spot! *fingers crossed*
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    Bella - my daughter works in the ER at GP Beaumont - do you work there also?

    I also want to go into L&D. You are lucky that your mom can guide you through nursing, no matter what specialty you choose.

    Hi Laujen - so bored waiting that I am basically reading every post on here! lol
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    Im so bored as well Lisa! I come on here a few times a day, looking for new things to read... its going to be such a lonnnnng wait for us!
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    Lauren - I am thinking of going to the learning center 1 day a week to brush up on A&P. I also start volunteering at MCGH within the next couple weeks and my interview with Beaumont is on July 8th. Hopefully this will keep me busy. I am dreading taking regular classes this fall - they will be hard to get through.

    Someone told me that their friend was scheduled to start in January last year and in September they wanted to move him to the October start. I guess we have to be "on call" no matter what. I would really love to be moved to January if possible. (August really but that won't happen - lol)

    I saw you got the IPod Touch - I have been debating on buying that or sticking with my Blackberry. Do you know if the hospitals have WiFi? Isn't that how the Touch works?
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    I'm going to respond to Jamie on the other post since she just asked me about that too, so check out the iPod info there, but yes, you're half way correct on that!

    I would love to be called up to a January start...that's why I want to get that HHSC class out of the way right away. I've started my regular classes, and they're a joke. I don't know if they just required more out of us at Baker, or if Summer classes are just a little easier, but both of my teachers seem very laid back with from what i understand to be a "show up to class and you'll get an A" attitude. And I like that MCC allows teachers to offer extra credit... that was a no-no at Baker.

    Volunteering should keep you busy, and you'll start to get familiar with how it goes in the hospital... if I had time (classes 4 days a week plus my daughter doesn't allow for much!) I would volunteer too. Let me know how it goes!
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    Quote from zhockeymom77
    Bella - my daughter works in the ER at GP Beaumont - do you work there also?

    I also want to go into L&D. You are lucky that your mom can guide you through nursing, no matter what specialty you choose.
    No, no I don't work there as well, just a nursing student for now! Oh, what does your daughter do, is she a nurse as well?
    As for my mom, she was dead set against me switching my major to nursing, so she's really no help at all. But, I'm getting along and figuring it out on my own!
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    Why didn't she want you to be a nurse?
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    Quote from LauJen
    Why didn't she want you to be a nurse?
    Well it was half to do with her being angry that so much money was wasted on psych courses that are completely useless now, not to mention that I am the 3rd child out of 3 that changed their major after much money was's kinda a family thing i guess haha!
    And the other make a long story short, she had also she's been doing this for a long time so I guess she's pretty much sick of her job, but that also has to do with the fact that she completely over works herself..moral of the story, don't burn yourself out otherwise you will end up hating your job!

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