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I am new to this website. I was just trying to find out if there are any students out there that are starting the fall 2011 track for the nursing program at baker college in clinton twp? If so, do... Read More

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    What were your guys total points for getting in? Was curious the total points everyone had, to see where what the points were for this term?
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    Did everyone get the email that the flu shot is not necessary until before our fall semester? I got it Monday will all of the rest just to be safe, but it looks like I will be getting it again shortly lol
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    Got my letter on January excited!!! Can't wait to start in April. I had a total of 25.76 points
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    I also got the email about the flu shot. I have never gotten one before and waited to do every thing until after I got my letter so that I didn't jinx myself.
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    I got my flu shot a while ago so it didn't matter for me. Remember you need titers for chickenpox, MMR and Hep-b. I had 26.1 points.
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    Hey everyone! I'm applying in Spring 2012 for Fall 2012 nursing program at Clinton Township ...I have a 4.0 gpa in all my prereq.. any pointers on the kaplan exam and entrance? Thanks so much. I'm so anxious to get in and start nursing!
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    Study up on your math, and take your time. The clock in the screen corner adds extra pressure. I got into the program on a second try. The first time there were alot of re-applicants and I was just .4 points short of making it. Just a few more points on the Kaplan test would have made the difference since 4.0 was what everyone had.

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