back up plan to BSNursing?

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    hi! i am new in the site and a new college student who relocated here in the states over two years ago. starting a new life and back to point a. it is so hard and very competitive to get in a it/engineering job, especially me who just moved here couple years ago. anyway, i decided to go back to school, again, and start a new career from it/engineering to nursing. but in the school (schoolcraft) i am in right now has waiting list for nursing program and like others i don't want to wait too long. i wanted to build and start a career right away before i get to that point when my age is not in the calendar anymore. lol. so instead of long wait to get in the nursing program i decided to have a back up plan. i get in the health information technology program right now, i am in my third semester, and then do (transfer to) bsn after. i chose that option so i could start working in two years or so.

    should i just go straight nursing program or stick to my plan? what jobs related to nursing or healthcare i could do or apply to if i would do pre-nursing program?

    thank you in advance for any info. this big move thing just stresses me cause i am starting all over again.
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    I think having a back up plan is very important! My original plan was to attend a second degree nursing program and at the time I did not realize how difficult that process is. I applied and wasn't accepted the first time and realized how important a back up plan is to keep your sanity!. I decided to get my CNA license and gain some health care experience that way. Soon there after I moved up to become the ward clerk at my place of employment.

    My plan was to then go for LPN. The program I was accepted to was a year long and decently priced in case I didn't get into the 2nd degree BSN. I did get into the 2nd degree program but having that backup plan helped me keep a little more sane during the waiting process.

    For me, I needed to decide what my ULTIMATE career goal was and to plan a way to get there in various ways. Although some ways would be harder than others, those plans needed to be in place. Just do some research about the various programs in the area, and even check out some schools in Ohio. The University of Toledo has some nursing programs, as well as schools up Saginaw, Saint Clair Shores Community College, and some other schools that other people may not think about right away, so the waitlists may be shorter and they offer various programs.

    I researched a ton of different schools, a ton of different programs and it definitely help me pick a few different back up plans. It looks like you are on the right track! Good luck to you!