Anyone starting at MCC March 2011?

  1. Just wondering if anyone is going to be starting in March at Macomb? I am going crazy I want to start already! Anyone else out there?
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  3. by   LauJen
    Yes, Zhockeymom and myself are March start, and the rest are August, with one October and one January, I believe. I ranked 151, so I'm not really thinking I'll be moved up to January... but I guess stranger things have happened!
  4. by   Bec's
    I think I am going to take my Phed class and the hhsc class ared you going to take anything? I think we have to take the hhsc class in the fall don't we? did you order any scrubs yet? I did not, I think when I am there this Fall I will go and look into it. I justt want to get going already! I am glad you responded My name is Rebecca by the way.
  5. by   LauJen
    I'm working on my Bachelors while I wait, so right now Im taking geography and history, and during the fall, im taking the HHSC class (wednesday at noon with Zhockeymom) Chemistry, Sociology and Asian Religions. It's going to be a lot to handle, but I want to get as much out of the way as I can so my summer loads won't be too heavy. Not to mention I need to take at least 12 credits to get my full Pell grant!

    I ordered the scrubs after the orientation, and she said that they should be in by the end of the month. I only ordered the tops and patches, because I didn't care for the pants too much, so I'm going to take the tops to a scrub store in Ferndale (they give discounts to students I believe) and try to match them up with some different pants. I did order my stethoscope, and a new iPod touch, but other than that, I'm waiting to see what we need/what others who start before use recommend.

    I want to start too, I'm so sick of pre-reqs and classes I couldn't care about less about!! I ranked 151, so Im going to need like 10-15 people to drop out to have a January start (since word on the street is that they've already allowed 13 alternates to join us in March because not everyone claimed their seats). What was your ranking? My name is Lauren.
  6. by   LauJen
    It keeps doing that to me! I only hit the button once and it posts my stuff twice! Sorry.
  7. by   Bec's
    Hi Lauren,

    I might see if I can get into the Hsc Class you both are taking. Please send me the info when you get a chance.
    I can't sign up until July 19 though. I do not know if it will be available then

    I ranked 153 so I right with you, I was kinda upset at first when I found out my ranking. I thought about it a little, and thought to myself I should be happy I got in, Now I am over the whole thing just excited to start. I want to get the rest of the pre reqs out of the way then look into working on my BSN. That way I figure the more I can get out of the way the easier it will be later. I have to get my butt in gear and start to get ready for nursing classes, after all it will be here before we know it. I did already buy white shoes, a stethescope, pin light, white socks at the store for people on their feet for a long time. The lady at the uniform shop recommended them, she said lots of nurses swear by them. By the looks of the book loads I may need to buy a suitcase. Lol

    I am jealous of the people getting ready to start sooner than us. Thanks for the info.

  8. by   zhockeymom77
    Hi Rebecca -

    My name is Lisa and I will be starting in March also. Murph1981 will start with us too.

    Here is the info for the nursing class - HHSC-1040-C0804 on Wednesdays from 12-2:55.

    I will also be working towards my bachelors while I am waiting. I will be taking Elementary Spanish, Intro to Logic and Chem. Lauren, when is your Chem class?

    As far as purchases made - I have pretty much shopped myself out and have everything I need for the program aside from textbooks.

    Lauren - I started the volunteer position at Mt. Clemens in the ER and still have to do orientation for Beaumont so at least I am staying busy - I am so worried about losing momentum!

    I have my appointment scheduled for my titers on the 19th so I will have that out of the way too.

    Lauren - we have been thinking about forward movement all wrong. It is not necessary for every student that ranked above us to move before we could have that opportunity. Teri will move those that have placed a request that ranked above us first. So for instance, our group is from 119-159, it may only be you and I that requested movement in our group - all those that did not ask for a change will stay put. I am sure there are more than just the 2 of us but I was just using it as an example. Does this sound right to you?
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