ANy Washtenaw Community COllege Students out there?

  1. 0 Ok so I am a little fustrated right now. I am going to Washtenaw COmmunity College and I have almost all my general education classes done except for 2 (Pathophysiology and Growth and Development) for nursing. Anyway I got a email from the Financial Aid Department Friday stating that I do not qualify for Financial Aid this year because I have too many credits for my degree/certificate which I currently have only 38. I met with my counselor and simmitted a maximum credit appeal which may or may not get approved from financial aid.

    I am not on the waitlist and will be taking my TEAS in September so that I can get on the waitlist at the school. Its fustrating because they sent out the e-mail Friday and I couldnt do anything until Monday. Of course all classes start Aug 26 and payment is due this Thursday the 18th which I cant pay. I was wondering if anyone else from Washtenaw has had this problem?
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    I have been attending WCC for the past 3 years and it's been a nightmare. When are you taking your TEAS?

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