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I was wondering if the NET test was on a computer? I read on an old post that it is on paper, so are we talking about a scan tron or write in? How long does it take for Baker to get the results to... Read More

  1. by   cakmd2
    I think they have a list of names of the people allowed to pick up their packets! That means they know what everyone scores are or at least if they scored a 50 or better! Mine didn't come today either :-( I hate playing this waiting game! Oh-well now it's wait till Monday!!!!
  2. by   shannonmarie7
    I guess I will call Monday and see if I can come pick it up, I hope I at least scored a 50 but you never know. I would hate to waste gas driving there and standing in line for nothing.
  3. by   cakmd2
    How did you do? I did worse than last time! Well I hope my last score of 73% will get me in this time! I picked up my application packet today at 4:45 and I was number 86... So I hope no more people pick it up:-) I hate this!!! I hope you did OK
  4. by   shannonmarie7
    I PM'd you.
  5. by   cakmd2
    I'm sorry, but for the life of me I can't figure out how you PM someone!!! Anyways, My first test score was a 53% second, 73% and this time I got a 59% :-( I have been dealing with a lot in my life right now, I'm going thru a divorce and not that into thinking about school! I know they will use my 73% score but I wish I did better! My girlfriend got accepted last time with a 73% but her GPA was just a little higher than mine ( my GPA is a 3.67 & hers is a 3.86) so it all depends how many people apply! How is your GPA? You did really good on your HESI and still didn't get into Macomb? What's up with that? I think if you call Baker they will tell you how many people picked up their packets but not everyone who pick's them up applies for what ever reasons! Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope we only get GOOD news!!!
    PS tell me how to PM someone!!!!!!
  6. by   shannonmarie7
    Did you get my original PM? It should have told you that you had 1 new message at the top when you came on the site. If not go to the top where it says welcome and your user name. Next to it is My account. Click on that and click on private messages. This will bring up a list of all the PM's sent to you, just go in and hit reply. If you want to PM someone that hasn't sent you a message click on the person's name you want to contact, then a bunch of icons will come up under their name. Click the paper and pencil, this will bring up the PM page.

    I received a 73 %, I am not sure what my end GPA will be since I have 1 class to finish up this semester. It looks like I will be around 21.66 points now because of the NET, if I would have done an 80 I would have had 23.06 instead so I am really bummed. I guess at least I can take the NET again in the fall and then hopefully get all 7 points and have the extra point for 24.06 for spring 2010 application.

    Macomb really screwed me over, they did not use a lot of my Baker credits and it lowered my GPA down pretty low so I was an alternate, but I think I may have had a chance to be at least the last few accepted if they would have taken my transfer credits like they told me they would. I really like Baker though and it is closer to my home so I am hoping to get into the program by next spring.

    I really hope you were the last one to pick up the packet because then we would have better odds. It is so hard to tell how things are going to go because we never know how many people are ready to apply and how they did on the NET and in class. I think that we were jipped though on our NET because of the distractions and the red paper which made it really hard to do the math. I normally do very well in the math and not so well in the reading and I was very surprised that my math was lower than I anticipated. I really do think that the red paper was a problem because several people told me it caused them to be slower. I stopped in and asked a few questions at the nursing office and I told them that the red paper
  7. by   shannonmarie7
    Aaaagh I just called the school and they had over 250 people pick up an application. There is no way I am getting in now, maybe next time I guess.
  8. by   LauJen
    Anyone currently attending Clinton Twp, and/or waiting on their Spring 2010 acceptance letter? I'm trying to get a feel for anyone else's scores that have applied! February 1st can't come soon enough!

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