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i am currently going to occ for my adn. i'm still doing the pre-req's but, my question is this.... i have heard alot with regard to adn and bsn. i know i can get my adn and then get a job... Read More

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    I agree with you! I have a bachelor's degree already, but I simply had a change of heart about my first career choice. It was cheaper and the best decision for me. I didn't want to rush into a program that I had to pay $30,000 a year for...again. lol
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    Quote from Tommy2001
    If an ADN was the "same level of education" then they would call it a BSN. A two year degree is the same as a four year degree???right...... This is the attitude of nurses who typically believe they know more than the residents. The fact is most of ADN's know what to do but don't know why they do it. The Residents understand this far better. I can't speak for anyone's work ethic, but a two year degree is exactly that a two year technical degree, for people who just want a paycheck. It isn't the same at all. The teaching staff isn't the same. The students aren't the same. The pre-req's aren't the same. Heck! the nursing classes aren't the same. Why would you sell yourself short to a second best education? To achieve only the mininum? This is what I asked myself when I walked out of WCCD's info meeting. An education is an investment not something to look for a "discount" in. This is your career we're talking about not a sale at K-Mart. You get what you pay for. If I was patient I would want someone with a four year nursing degree, not a community college student. No offense.
    Mkay, and you would say the same thing to a person who really wanted to be a nurse but couldn't afford to go BSN right away? Seriously. No one ever wants to think of the reasons why certain people go for certain things. You have your opinion and that's fine but for a "nurse that is a BSN" which I am guessing you are by your comments... I have to say it sounds as if you seriously have a lack of understanding...
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