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    More power to 'em!

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    I had a pt who refused to have an African american nurse.

    The nurse in question didn't want to take care of him anyways!!!

    People.... Sheesh
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    Whatever, it really doesn't bother me... and I was assigned to an antepartum unit when I was mobilized so I got a bit of it (I still question the wisdom of my chain of command on that decision). I'd rather have someone say they didn't want me around because of what was between my legs than because of my personality or heart.

    It really doesn't happen all that often, in the past decade+ of working (outside of the aforementioned unit) I've had 2 patients who asked for me not to be their nurse and both requests were because of my sex. I don't take it personally, it is what it is and I'm not going to waste my time trying to "fix" someone's views on sex/sexuality/gender roles. Forcing the issue only will lead to discomfort for all parties and as a male the last position I want to be placed in is one where I can be accused of being sexually inappropriate with a patient. Definitely not worth my license or livelihood.

    As for the assertion that most male nurses are gay... Lmao. Is there a higher ratio of homosexual males in nursing than the general population? Perhaps. I don't believe that number comes close to approaching 50% though. Media I think has a great deal to do with this misconception, just like they like to perpetuate the one about female nurses being *****/in the field to get married to a doctor. Both are damaging to our professional image and I'm frankly surprised to hear it on this forum.
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    I have no problems with the request. I do get angry when the pt request, through no fault of the pt, forces me to get a pt added to my assignment that is infinitely more complicated than the female pt who req'd a female nurse. For example: female pt who req'd female nurse = Total knee replacement w/ no significant PMH... pt I pick up = incontinent, diabetic tube-feeder on 3 IV Abx w/ a stage IV decub. Yeah, it happens.

    I've never encountered a male pt who requested a male nurse. I have, unfortunately, encountered a pt who was inappropriate with female staff who were providing peri-care (pt was a quad), so I volunteered to care for that pt. He was even MORE inappropriate with me...
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    I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Spinal Cord Injury. It's very rare that we have female patients on the wards. When we do have female patients, it's very rare that we don't have a female nurse or caregiver to assign to that patient. When we do have to assign a male nurse or caregiver to a female patient, it's usually on a night when the patient is not due for a shower or bath and it is just bowel care.

    The issue at the VA is that the patients can be inappropriate to the female staff. If that's the case, a male nurse or caregiver is assigned to them, which they hate.
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    Quote from mofomeat
    Meanwhile, a friend of mine in Nursing School just had to report a gaggle of her classmates, as during clinicals they were peeking under the gown of unconscious male patients and giggling about penises. In a school that has nearly a 2-year waiting list, I would hope that these girls would be ejected from the program to set an example of what unprofessional behavior can earn you.
    First, I'm over 50 and staring a new carrier. I'm also resent graduate from a 2 year RN program and obviously older than almost all of my classmates. While this is totally off subject I can't help but put my 2 cents in. First, you can be absolutely sure that if any of my fellow male classmates had done this to a female patient during a clinical rotation, they would have been bounced out of the program no questions asked and rightly so. They would be lucky if the hospital didn't press charges for abuse! mofomeat, do you have any follow up on what happened to this "gaggle of classmates"?

    Quote from sapphire18
    Umm, yes you can blame them. It doesn't take experience in the healthcare field to know that this kind of thing is unacceptable- it just takes some common sense and respect for fellow human beings.
    I've often had this discussions with my wife and a some of the older nursing students and a few of the nursing instructors, about the maturity level of some of the younger students, both male and female. Perhaps there should be a minimum age to qualify for nursing school? Based on what we see and what they talk about (young students), you can talk Professionalism all you want but IMHO it comes down to having the maturity to know and understand what being Professional really means and obviously this "gaggle" didn't have it.

    Granted, this is not to say that some older more experienced people have the required levels of maturity either. Some people grow old and die without every being mature responsible people and some people will have the maturity needed at a young age, but It's been my experience that most don't. I've no idea as to the "proper" age should be, but I think it's something that should be considered during the nursing school admissions process.

    Back on point - no, it would not bother me if a female patient requested a female nurse for whatever reason. In my short carrier, I have had female patients that were ok with me doing everything except personal care, that's were they requested a female nurse and guess what, not an issue.
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    I've encountered this a few times while nursing. I normally take the patients that have no preference. I always respect patients decision on who they want to apply care. Dosen't really bother me at all........
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    Hi Joyfulnurse,

    My name is Antwon,
    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your post. I am a Male Nursing student and I often think about how things will be once I actually work in the field. Specifically, Me being a Man.

    Never-the-less, your post shares exactly how I feel. thanks for your post.

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    Meh...less work for me. Of course, I prefer patients who don't smell like a litter box but that doesn't exempt me from having to take care of them.
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    My thoughts too...if they're that narrow-minded, I probably wouldn't enjoy being around them anyway.

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