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Scrub pants for thick legs

  1. 0 I just started school, and will be starting clinicals soon. I have purchased 4 pairs of the Cherokee cargo pants, but I'm not 100% happy. I'm a big guy....well, not huge, but pretty muscular as well as some cushion. Lol Anypoo, my crotch hangs too low and the pants are tight in the fronts of my thighs. What's funny is that the royal blue pants are the ones I'm having problems with, but the same pants in ciel fit better. Same style/number and everything.
    I may be big, but I only wear a large in pants. Do ya'll have any recommendations on pants that don't have a droopy crotch or tight thighs?
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    MrPopeye, Needless to say, I encountered the same dilemma since I been into bodybuilding from the age of 21. Having said that, I not only encountered the thick legs, in addition the large biceps, so after many trials and error I finally found several scrubs that allowed me to move freely. With that said, here a few of the brands I have worn over the years... Grey's Anatomy, Med/Gear, U/A, hope you find the right I wish you the best always...Aloha~
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    Thanks, GitanoRN! I have read about the Grey's Anatomy, but have been reluctant because of the price. Regardless, I think I am going to try a pair. If they fit like I hope they will, I'll get more.
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    dickies makes great pants specfically for men, I swear by them
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    I have a pair of Grey's Anatomy pants in hold that my wife will be picking up tomorrow for me. (I live an hour and a half away from the nearest place to get scrubs. Lol) If they don't fit, I'll try the Dickies next.
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    I tried the Grey's Anatomy pants on tonight. They fit way better in the crotch, but were still too tight. The Large fits my waist just fine, but the butt and upper thighs were too tight. Guess I'll try the XL.
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    I have had the same problem, I bought the Grey's Anatomy scrub bottoms in a L. They fit great in the waist, but are to tight through the thighs. So, I bought a pair of the XL but they seem to be to loose. Any suggestions?
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    Don't laugh, but as a woman I have a 10 inch different from waist to thighs and have also always had this problem (weigh in the 150's, but it is all muscle ha ha!). The cherokee brand seems to work best for me. I don't know about the mens, but you might give it a try.
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    Do you think having them altered would fix them?
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    I have a seamstress who makes everything for my body measurements. She charges me $5 for a top and $5 for a bottom if I bring my own fabric. She puts all the pockets i want on them too! You should try looking for someone who can do that. Maybe the ppl in the fashion/sewing classes on campus may do it for free (students helping students). There are usually pretty good seamstresses at dry cleaners too. Hope that helps.
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    I have now found that Sketchers and Dickinson pants fit REALLY well.
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    Stupid auto correct. Dickies pants. Lol
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    I will be getting mine made when it comes time also if you go to a suit place that Taylor's clothing get them to do some alterations

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