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Hi I need some advice as I would like to go to school for nursing and become a LPN. I'm 23 and have been a sales representative for a cell phone company for about 4 years but I'm starting to get tired of my job. I work 12 hours a... Read More

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    Do you excel at math and science? That is what it takes to be a nurse, not a vague people skills /wanna make a difference ideal. Nursing is a combination of courage, heart and brains.

    Math? Seriously? You don't use Calculus here. You don't use Trigonometry. You don't even use Algebra. If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you're fine. Science, courage, heart, brains, sure. Sense of humor is also quite helpful.

    Quote from Been there,done that
    If you feel your boss doesn't appreciate you now, WAIT UNTIL YOU GET INTO NURSING! They will throw you under the bus and look the other way.
    Pfft. What profession doesn't?

    Quote from Been there,done that
    If your wife feels this is not the place for you..... that says it all. She is a nurse, she knows you better than anyone.
    Listen to your woman.
    I have been a participant in many, MANY online forums in the past fifteen years. This is one of the absolutely worst pieces of "advice" I have ever read. Other than an example of how misandrist a very select few female nurses can be, there is no useful item that can be gleaned from this. Do your own research. Make your own choices. Careers - and unsupportive partners/spouses - CAN be changed. This comes from a male nurse who has also been there and done that.
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    I disagree w/ Been There,done That...only you can decide whether or not nursing is right for you (not your wife). I was in the banking/mortgage/investment for 12 years, and studied economics in college. I had a lot of naysayers who thought I wasn't going to like it & that they didn't think I was going to be a "right-fit."

    But guess what, I returned back to school in an accelerated post-baccalaureate program, received my BSN, passed my state boards, and now I am a full fledged nurse. Did I mention I absolutely love it, and my patients love me? The cool thing about nursing is that there are many directions you can go into. I have noticed many men, like myself, go into the adrenaline-rush jobs found in trauma, ER, and critical care. I eventually want to become a CRNA or Flight Nurse.

    I highly recommend you move on from your job and start taking your pre-recs. Someone mentioned getting a job at a hospital/ clinic/ or lab to get your feet wet (which I agree with). I spent way too many years unhappy in my line of work, and should have listened to my inner voice telling me I needed to get into the field of nursing.

    Lastly, in many regions LVNs are being phased out and many ADN prepared RNs are being over-looked for BSN prepared nurses. I would actually recommend you shoot for becoming a BSN/RN. You are still young and can do anything you set your mind to. I decided to become a nurse and returned to take my pre-reqs at 34 y/o. It took me 1 year since I had previous classes I was able to transfer. I started the RN program at 35 y/o and finished at 37 y/o. I passed my boards and have been working as nurse at 38 y/o. My point is that anyone can go back to school no matter what age. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!
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    I completely agree with Spiderman74 and TheLastTime!!! Don't listen to your woman because it is all subjective. How do we know she doesn't work in Labor & Delivery when she made the statement ,"This is not the place for you." And actually, even though it is not for me...I remember seeing men in OB/L&D and Women's Health. If it is what you love, go for it!

    What used to drive me insane is that some people had issues w/male nurses in OB/L&D, yet they had male OB/Gyns. Makes no sence, but off topic.

    Lastly, all you need to know is med math. You are not studying engineering, or finance. I took calculus in college (since I made a career change too), and we never learned anything in nursing school nearly as close to that type of advanced math (including Trigonometry, Algebra, Adv Alebra., Geometry, etc).

    Good Luck, you can do it!
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    why does she say that you shouldn't be a nurse? i have to agree with the last time; you have gotten some screwy advice. if you can handle huge amounts of stress, people poopin & peeing on you, puke, stinky obese folks, have a good back, can stay on your feet for 12 hours, are somewhat detailed oriented, and have good time management skills,then nursing may be right for you. you can learn knowledge and skills, but if do not have a good work ethic, patience, and empathy for sick folks- then don't do it. go into nuc med, or resp therapist, or something else.

    if you decide to go into nursing, don't screw around with your lpn; go rn and get it done.

    good luck & stay groovy!
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