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First off, Hi! I'm planning to start nursing school in a few months, and I was wondering how much of a problem tattoos are. I have tattoos on both forearms and one on my right hand. The one on my hand is a hindu Om symbol in a... Read More

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    Quote from xvillainx
    Thanks for the insight, luckily, I spoke with the local VA hospital and they have no problem hiring nurses with visible tattoos, even on hands, as long as they are vets. Good thing I am then I guess.
    Be aware, though, that there is a big difference between getting hired as a nurse and getting through nursing school. Most nursing programs (in my experience) have a "no visible tattoos" dress code for clinicals, so start thinking about how you're going to manage that.

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    Quote from exit96

    Ok...point taken. I am not against tattoos whatsoever, but I really don't understand the fascination. IMO they are ok " up to a point" and past that they are just ridiculous.
    No hard feelings. And I understand where you are coming from. It definitely has become a trend and ppl do get ridiculous with it
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    As some have stated it is a trend in today's culture, now I'm older and will soon embark on a nursing career. However, currently I work in a somewhat professional environment, upon my first meeting with employers and co-workers I always cover my one tattooed arm. I find that for some reason people feel uncomfortable when they first meet me and see my tattoos, might be the what is this old guy doing with tattoos, back in his day only criminals had them (although normally soldiers, lots of green ink)...this is a great thread as I've been wondering how I would wear short sleeves working in a clinic type of environment as at work I always tried to wear long sleeve no matter the temps....

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