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Hi I need some advice as I would like to go to school for nursing and become a LPN. I'm 23 and have been a sales representative for a cell phone company for about 4 years but I'm starting to get... Read More

  1. by   groovy jeff
    [font='comic sans ms']why does she say that you shouldn't be a nurse? i have to agree with the last time; you have gotten some screwy advice. if you can handle huge amounts of stress, people poopin & peeing on you, puke, stinky obese folks, have a good back, can stay on your feet for 12 hours, are somewhat detailed oriented, and have good time management skills,then nursing may be right for you. you can learn knowledge and skills, but if do not have a good work ethic, patience, and empathy for sick folks- then don't do it. go into nuc med, or resp therapist, or something else.

    if you decide to go into nursing, don't screw around with your lpn; go rn and get it done.

    good luck & stay groovy!