What's the name of the ECG thingy that nurses put on a lot of peds patients? - page 2

It's not an ECG per se, because an ECG would have 15 or so different leads that get placed all over the patient's body in order to get a reading. But there's this thingy... it's like an ECG, but there's only 3 leads and it... Read More

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    Bedside. The size of one of those small kitchen TVs

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    I've seen 12/15-lead units that are no bigger than typical 3-lead units. Unless there's a possibility of MI, you normally don't need to use the 12 or 15 lead monitoring. What they're normally "looking" for is rate and rhythm changes when a patient is on an EKG monitor. What's the difference to the patient? A whole lot of wires and a whole lot of medical stability... The more wires, the less stable the patient will be, from a myocardial standpoint...
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    Yeah, there's definitely that possibility in the Cardiovascular/thoracic SICU/IMC.

    I mean, it's cool. We can pull ECGs from it when needed without scrambling for a machine.
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    Quote from Vespertinas
    Bedside. The size of one of those small kitchen TVs
    RIght, but aren't the patients monitored remotely as well (our ICU has bedside monitors as well as a bank of monitors at the desk)...

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