What is the difference between COPD and emphysema?

  1. One of my assignment questions for a respiratory case study I have to do this week asks for

    1) a list of all clinical manifestations of COPD
    2) all clinical manifestations of emphysema

    I'm listing the respiratory manifestations that I can find... but how does one determine what symptoms/results are due to COPD or emphysema?

    1. Cough
    2. Increased production of clear sputum
    3. Use of accessory muscles at rest
    4. "Barrel chest" appearance
    5. Poor diaphragmatic excursion bilaterally
    6. Percussion hyper-resonant
    7. Poor lung sounds
    8. Prolonged expiration with occasional, mild expiratory wheeze
    9. Cyanotic nail beds indicating poor perfusion
    10. PaO2 of 65mm Hg (normal 80-100)
    11. PaCO2 of 54 mm Hg (normal 35-45)
    12. Decreased performance on pulmonary function tests
    13. Hyperinflation of lungs
    14. Large anteroposterior diameter
    15. Diffuse scarring and bullae in all lungs fields, but more prominient in lower lobes bilaterally
    16. Large pulmonary vasculature
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  3. by   liveyourlife747
    Since this is a homework question... Have you checked definitions of the diseases and pathophysiology of the diseases? You are listing manifestations, but I think going back and looking at the pathophysiology might help you understand better. It also helps to look at risk factors as well. Hope that helps!
  4. by   kmck3271
    Much of the information I am finding lists emphysema as "a collective part of COPD". Chronic bronchitis is listed in this group also but I can't seem to find any description of the actual clinical manifestations of the two diseases (such as chest x-ray results). In terms of ABG's, I'm assuming chronic bronchitis would affect the ABG's since it is a chronic condition whereas emphysema is not.