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New Grad Interviewing on Post-Transplant Unit

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place to post my questions.

    I just graduated with my BSN and I'm currently interviewing for jobs. I have an interview (YAY!) for a new nurse residency/internship program coming up. On the phone the recruiter told me the position is on the Post-Transplant Unit.

    I did a clinical rotation in the PACU and I have a lot of experience with diabetes management. But I still know nothing about transplant nursing. I want to go into the interview with as much knowledge as possible so that I can show them how interested and enthusiastic I am about the job. I've been Googling transplant nursing and researching in my textbooks but I'm still curious as to what a RN position on a Post-Transplant Unit/Clinic looks like. I don't even know if this is immediate post-op transplant care or post-discharge?

    Does anyone have any tips, advice, words of wisdom about transplant nursing? Anything I should know going into the interview? Thanks so much!