Med-Surg nursing journal? What journals to do you read?

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    To what nursing magazines/journals do you subscribe? Is there a journal specific for med-surg nursing?


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    Becoming a member of AMSN will get you several med-surg specific journals/newsletters as well as the perks of being a member.

    The "regular" journals like AJN, RN, and Nursing have questionnaires regarding the type of nursing that you do they will send you the magazine for that specialty. They have the normal stuff but then they also have a special section for various specialties that they put into each month's magazine. At one time years ago I got all three of the magazines mentioned above but found that they were being redundant. One month one magazine would have an article on a particular subject or two, then the next month a different magazine had articles that read nearly word for word like the one in the other magazine. Personally, as far as the 3 I've quoted, I get Nursing but with the critical care inserts.
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    Thanks, I didn't even realize there was a Med-Surg association (duhr, of course there is, there is an association for everything).

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it!


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