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To make a long story short: Had a loooong 8 hour shift on a Med Surg unit (42 bed capacity). In our last staff meeting, the manager has decided to decrease the CNA load from the previous 9-12 patients to 6 (Day & Eve)-8 (Night)... Read More

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    It depends on the shift but usually during the day our CNAs have 8 patients. They are responsible for VS, bathing, feeding, I&O, EKGs, and blood sugar checks. The fewer patients the CNAs have the better for me because they are able to do their job. It's not fun when they're understaffed, they give you attitude if you ask them to do something.

    Evenings usually have 10 and nights 12 or so.

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    I work in an acute care hospital in Los Angeles on the night shift. We get one CNA for 27 patients. We get 2 CNAs for 28+ patients. If we have 27 patients, the CNA is usually assigned to 14 patients, the rest are primaries. It's really bad.
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    I don't work on a medical/surgical floor at the moment. The last one I did work in was a 21-bed surgical ward. The day shift had 5 RNs and 4 CNAs. Evening shift: 4 RNs and 3 CNAs and nightshift: 3 RNs and 2 CNAs. This is in Sweden.

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