Is this a big deal?

  1. I kerlix and ace wrapped someones weeping, edematous legs without an order. Is this a big deal? Instead of using the ordered ted hose. I did apply the ordered SCDs. When the teds finally came up from pharmacy the new patient's right sock was almost completely saturated and it had only been on 3-4 hours so I kerlix and ace wrapped them instead of put the teds on because they were going to be wet and useless and need removed and washed within a few hours. Charge nurse said it was ok, meant to page the doc and ask but this issue slipped. Vague nursing measures like this and whether or not you can apply antibiotic ointment without an order are things I am not sure of sometimes and probably should have asked the charge nurse if I need an order for ace wraps first. I've only been off orientation for a week and a half. I just hope I can't get in trouble for ace wrapping without an order. I'm sure it depends on the doc too. I saw in the notes that the patients legs had been wrapped upon entrance to the ED so that's where I got the idea.
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  3. by   MessyMomma
    In my hospital, I can't do anything without an order anymore!

    We definitely can't wrap with an Ace unless approved. Since I work nights, I would've had to use the Kerlix and then put on the TED hose.

    And we definitely cannot use any TAO without a specific order.

    Kinda' is a pain somedays...
  4. by   hodgieRN
    I wouldn't wrap anything but you can apply a loose dressing, a drainage pad, or tape gauze to the leaking wound until an order is given. Sometimes, I will just put a chuck pad under the extremity and just let it drain with an ABD pad on the wound. If they specifically order something to be wrapped, then I'll do it. I'd rather have a pad that I can switch out verses continuously re-wrapping something. If it's to keep swelling down, then that can be specified the next time the doc rounds.