Immersion in Med/surg

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    I loved it. I thought it was challenging and rewarding. I had many patients ask me why I had different colored scrubs than the other nurses, and when I said I was student they exclaimed they thought I was their primary nurse!! (My preceptor gave me full reins and she acted as a kind of CNA/tech for me).

    I had one patient ask if I was married and said I'd make any guy very happy because I care so much.

    Maybe I'm not jaded yet, but I loved med/surg. I was able to handle all 5 patients and a discharge (had to stay 15 mins late charting with my preceptor helping me do some of it, but hey I'm a student and haven't got down that time management thing yet =p). I couldn't of asked for better aides at this hospital either, they were all so helpful and even though I'm a student, didn't give me any crap for asking them to do tasks.

    I called doctors and even though my reports were sloppy at the beginning, yesterday I got straight to the point. SBAR flowed from my lips as though I was a pro (in my head anyway).

    I was able to advocate for one of my patients when I had a doctor first take off a collar this patient had on for weeks (what no one EVER took it off???) and also a wrap that had been on this patient's hand for who knows how long (the patient said he couldn't remember what his hand looked like). ME! I did it! He was cleaned up and felt a lot better.

    I think I will enjoy anywhere I'm able to work, but I just wanted to let you med/surg nurses know that I appreciate you and I hope you have a great day!

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    Thanks for posting this! I am a new grad on a large med/surg unit, and will be on my own in a few days. I love med/surg. You never know what you are gonna get! Sounds like you have done an excellent job and maybe medsurg is your calling! Good luck in anything you do!

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