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  1. Okay, I have been registered for about 2 weeks (new nurse) have been on my unit for three months and in a week I will be cut from the umbilical cord (scary yes....but I know I must do this in order to gain more confidence!). My question for everyone is when can I look into getting actually certified in Med-Surg and how did you go about it? What are the qualifications for it? Thanks again guys!
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  3. by   kayern
    I know of two certifying boards, the ANCC and the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses. The ANCC requires a BSN where the AMSN does not. Both I believe are nationally recognized. There is an experience requirement for both, check the respective websites for requirements. Certification costs are somewhere around $300 for the examination only, if you require study materials or a review that's additional.
  4. by   RussA
    The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) does not require a BSN to be certified as Medical-Surgical nurse, however as mentioned by previous poster - certain specialties do require a BSN. For M/S certification, both bodies do require you to have practiced as an RN for 2-years. I've cut/pasted link to AMSN that shows the differences between both certs (CMSRN vs RN-BC).
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    Thank you guys