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  1. Hey everyone I'm about to start my nursing course at uni in September and although its very far from now I just want to know if anyone has any general tips and advice for me that would help me be a good nurse in a general setting like Medical-surgical. Also, right now of all the specialties I've read about even though this specialty seems to be VERY difficult and challenging its the one I'm most drawn to and would want to work in in the future. Any tips and advice people can offer would be very appreciated and would prove very helpful in my placements during my course as that's what I'm most worried about, not so much the theory even though I know that'll be hard at times too.


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    My advice has to do with scientific academics in general. I have a background in chemistry, but it applies to all scientific areas. Try to learn the basic systems and reasonings behind whatever you are learning, not just to memorize individual factoids if you the underlying scientific principles, you will be able to apply them to specific nursing applications. For example, the Nursing Process is really just an application of the Scientific Method, blood pressure and related issues (hemodynamics) is based on fluid dynamics, and respiratory functioning is based on the Gas Laws and principles od diffusion, etc when I was in nursing school back in the Paleolithic era, it always distressed me that my fellow student struggled to memorize lots of formulas but didn't understand the basic science and application of math behind them. One of the best things to learn, which is a little beyond the scope of a quick message here, is the "Factor Label Method" of solving applied math scientific problems. It would be worth it to google and study it. Best of luck!!
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    Thanks ddunnrn! I appreciate your advice all the same. I see what you mean, right now I've been trying to study human anatomy/biology so I'm ahead before uni starts and I've started from the very basics of it like structural organisation of the body so I'll understand it when it gets more complex. I'll definitely look up that Factor Label Method too and give it a study. Thanks again