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first day high..

  1. 0 hello RNs... can you please tell me what diseases do I need to study and familiarize myself with that alot of you nurses encounter on a daily basis on the med surg floor.. the most common ones.. thank you so much for the big help
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    Hi there! I'm an LPN working on a medical floor for 3.5 years but soon to be a GN next Thursday yay! Anyway, our floor has 72 beds and we have repeating Dx that we always get. The big ones are Pneumonia, CHF, GI Bleed, MI (or r/o MI), and CVA. It has to depend on your demographic too... I live north of Orlando, FL which is retirement heaven so most of our pt's are 65+. The best thing to do Is to be familiar with your hospitals protocols for each of those "repeating" diagnosis. That will help u anticipate what you say to family and the pt. Good luck and congrats on your new job!
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    COPD, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, HIV/AIDS, alcohol withdrawal, pain control, anemia, diverticulitis, Parkinson's disease, c-diff/colitis, coronary artery disease, epilepsy/seizures, GERD, sepsis, cellulitis, depression, MRSA infections, among those listed above.
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    you are kidding, right? Why would you leave out any possibility???