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  1. Let me start by saying how lucky we all are to be nurses. We have found a unique job that is more dynamic than most. We can go from a clinical setting to administrative, from one unit to something completely new and foreign, we can work anywhere in the world if we want...but...I need advice! As we all will come to this crossroads in our career I would love to hear from people who have survived my experience.
    I have 3+ years nursing experience now and love being a nurse. Like many I am a second career nurse and have a firm grasp on what I want out of my career in nursing. So here is my dilemma.. I recently left my first job as a nurse. I had seniority on the floor, worked the princess shift, was charge, preceptor, etc. I was a member of councils and committees to help advance nursing practice, was board certified in my area of practice, and had lots of friends that I still miss. My problem was I was craving something new. The commute was crummy, the hospital was not so kind to the nurses (taking away this perk and that perk) and I found a job opening at a hospital around the corner. To me it was a no-brainer. Better commute, lateral movement so I wasn't like a fish out of water, better benefits, so I took it.
    I am now sad, scared, and overall regretted my decision. This new hospital is leaps and bounds BEHIND the quality of nursing I am used to. I gave up my princess shift and perks of being a "senior" nurse of the unit. I love the floor, it is full of great people who truly love their job and most everyone had been there for eons but I feel like I took a step back in time.
    My question to everyone who has been there, done that.. doe's it get better? Is this normal in such an emotionally involved job? I feel like there are so many nurses that have been with the same organization forever, have driven the 2 hour commute and been happy about it, work 5 3-11 shifts a week and never complain. In this day and age should I just be happy I have a job? It's only been 3 weeks, should I stick it out? What has everyone else done? It doesn't help that my old boss is begging for me to come back.
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    Do what makes you happy, if they are begging you to come back, weigh out the pros and cons. As a nurse you need to be happy where you are. I drove a commute for 3 years and loved the job until a lay off. Now I work 8 miles from home. If the commute is not too bad, and you might just get a raise; obviously you were invaluable.