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What are your thoughts? Pt has a history of DM. Pt has a GT feeding which is being held for surgery. Pt on 1/2NS IVF. I called the MD and received an order to change to D5 1/2NS (I was worried... Read More

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    We have a sliding scale at my hospital & once pt is NPO we switch to doing the accu chks Q4. We have different algorithms & depending on which one it is, we would definitely cover the pt. For 153, I think we'd only give 1 unit but we definitely don't use our discretion with insulin...we follow the guidelines.
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    for me i will still still give the ordered dose..since in our hospital anaesthesia doctors will call for a consult for diabetic patients..then IM doctor will order for NPO and will put the patient in sliding scale.. and to check the BS q6h or more frequently if the BS is very high..and the doctor will also will order for ivf usually D5W at a slow rate..