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Abdominal Girth Measurements in Ascites

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    Hoping y'all can help me because I'm not finding the answer I need regarding measuring abdominal girth. I have a patient with advanced cirrhosis in the home health setting. She came to me with abdominal distension and an abdominal girth measurement of 108.5cm. What I'm trying to find out is how much of an increase in abdominal girth is clinically significant? She had an increase of 0.5cm in one week as well as a weight gain of 3lbs in one week. No changes in mental status. I'm thinking an increase of 2cm or more is significant, but maybe any increase is significant?

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    go to www.guidelines.gov and other sites regarding ascites. I think you will find that weight gain, not girth, is more definitive. Other aspects of your assessment, such as posturing, breathing, etc. are also important.